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Bollywood Dance Studio provides an opportunity to our students to participate in our Fundraising Dance Concert , which is held in a professional theater for students to learn performance dancing. The routines learned during the term classes form the basis of the dance recitals.


Dance recitals are performed twice a year. More information about the recitals we be discussed during the classes.  Young and old alike describe them as a wonderful experience to be a part of.  Plus it allows you to share to joy of Bollywood amongst your family and friends. 


1st DECEMBER 2023

KISMET - Dance of Destiny

Telethon Fundraising Concert 


Dance for good

BDS hosts an annual dance concert each year to raise funds to support this wonderful school. We have raised over $36,00 for Telethon fundraising and will continue to do so each year with your support. 

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Concert Commitments

Dance recitals are performed twice a year.


More information about the recitals we be discussed during the classes.


The concert is a very important part of our dancing year, with students gaining many great benefits. All students including bubs, kids, juniors and adults are invited to participate.


The concert is a huge undertaking for teachers, students and parents and requires a big commitment from all involved, especially as time and cost beyond normal classes is required. We would appreciate if you would consider your time and cost commitment before committing yourself/your child to participate.

You’ll find that ‘concert time’ is a very exciting time for our students. It is the highlight of the year and the children love the experience of performing before a live audience.

Each year we find that the extra effort and commitment are well worth it for the students and we are certain that your child will love the experience. Students and parents please bare in mind the extra cost involved for costumes and time commitment for all rehearsals. This is non negotiable and compulsory to present a stunning showcase.

We also take this amazing opportunity to give back to the society via dance. Our dance concerts are fundraising events & we support Telethon WA. So far we have helped raised over $36,00 for this cause.

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Adult Commitments

Kids Commitments

Last date to register & pay Saturday 6th April (Week 5 of March Term) 

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