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We offer Dance Classes for kids of all ages in structured term of 5 weeks. 


Bolly Patakas - 9 to 13 yrs

Saturdays, 10.00 to 10.45 am

Bolly Laddoos - 4 to 8 yrs

Saturdays, 11.00 am to 11.45 pm 


Cost $110


* New student trial ONLY IN WEEK 1 of new term.

*New term begins every 5 weeks and our terms are not synced with school terms. There are no breaks during the year, except after each concert. 

Kids above 14 yrs of age, can join Adult classes on Mon or Sat. 

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If you are interested in trying a dance class, please choose the "Dance Trial $10" option and attend Week 1 of a new term.

We don't recommend joining the term in the middle, as it is difficult to catch up.

Please note, parents are not allowed to stay in the class during class time.

We have a strict kiss & drop/pick up policy. You can drive around to drop & pick up kids. 

In Week 1 of the new term, parents will be emailed a term video link. This will contain the class video for kids to practice at home. Parents are welcome in class to watch the full routine, at the end of the term. 

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For new students, we recommend to enrol for a trial class in WEEK 1 of the new term. Do not join in middle of the term, as it will be difficult for you to catch up. Hence we best recommend to do a trial class in Week 1 of the term. 

_2024 Timetable - BDS term   (22).png
_2024 Timetable - BDS term   (1).png


* Trial for new students is only recommend in Week 1 of new term

* Sign up for the term and your child will be booked automatically for the full term 

* Download the app for easy access - KRIYA Booking App

_2023 Timetable - BDS term   (15).png
_2023 Timetable - BDS term   (17).png
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Performance Opportunity

Join us on stage for our DANCE CONCERTS

Bollywood Dance Studio provides an opportunity to our students to participate in our Fundraising Dance Concert , which is held in a professional theater for students to learn performance dancing. The routines learned during the term classes form the basis of the dance recitals.

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